Wednesday, 8 February 2017

An Addicted Mobile Gameplay: Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Hello everyone! Today I am going to introduce a mobile game which known as 'Mobile Legends'. Maybe some of you heard of it before and yes it is a very addicted game. You all can download from Google Play Store or Apple Store without paying any money because it is a free of charge game.

Here let me show u the icon of Mobile Legends 

This game is based on Dota 2 and League of Legend game-play. If you all play these pc game before, you all can easily pick up on how to play in this Mobile Legends within less than 30 minutes.

Here let me show u the loading screen of Mobile Legends when you open it.

This Mobile Legends is basically a 5 vs 5 gameplay which you form a team with another 4 online players and fight with 5 enemy online player. There are many hero you can use in this game but most of them require you to buy with battle point or gem. You could earn battle point from each round of your game-play regardless win or lose. 

Here let me show you the screen of mobile Legends after finish loading.
There are several fighting mode in this game. You can choose to play match-up mode which is consider as a normal match. You didn't loss your ranking althought you lose in normal match. Additionally, they will give you to try 6 additional hero for free in match-up mode without purchasing them so you can try them up and decide which hero you like the most. Then you can start collecting your battle point to purchase them. Beside that, you can also choose to play ranked match which consider as a rank game. You will gain one star if you win and lose one star if you lose in the game. Collecting enough stars will make you been promoted to a higher rank. The rank in Mobile Legends start from Warrior 3 to Elite 3 to Master 4 to Grandmaster 5 and until Epic rank and Legend rank. Legend rank is the highest ranking in this game. People with highest rank can join the national game fight between different country at a specific time.

Here let me show you the hero that you can choose and use in this Mobile Legends.

Same like Dota 2 or League of Legend, this game have a few role that you could choose to play with such as Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. Each role have several kinds of hero with different ability skill. Each of the hero have one specific passive skill and three specific active skills. You also can choose another specific active skill which depend on your game level. Unlike Dota 2, Mobile Legends hero will only have a maximum of 15 level during the game fight so it will be kind of fast game which could be finish in around 10 to 20 minute each round. 

Here let me show u the loading screen of Mobile Legends when u start to fight in 5 vs 5 mode game-play.

Each round, you have only 15 seconds to decide which hero you want to choose and play in your game so pls choose it wisely. Make a good combination with your teammate that build up with Tanker, Killer and Supporter!!! 

Here let me show up the game-play photo of this Mobile Legends.

Such a nice graphic right?! Like what you saw, this game have quite a similar map like Dota 2 or League or Legend which build up with 3 lane. Each lane has an outer tower, a middle tower and an inner tower. After you break the enemy's inner tower of a lane, your creeps that spawn on that lane will grow stronger than enemy creeps which bring you alot advantage when you want to further push into the enemy base. Player who firstly break the enemy Base Tower will achieve the VICTORY!

Here let me show you the neutral boss in this Mobile Legends.

There are two kinds of neutral boss located at middle top and middle right of the river. The first photo boss known as turtle, people who kill the turtle will gain experience and gold for all the teammates. The second photo boss known as lord, people who kill the lord will gain the help from lord which mean that the lord will spawn from your base and attack enemy weakest lane. By this way, you can push together with the lord to break enemy tower. 

Oh and one more thing, you don't have to worry if you suddenly shut down your game or mobile phone. You can always reconnect into your game but make sure you reconnect fast otherwise it will consider you abandon the game and you will receive punishment accordingly.

Here is the official website of Mobile Legends if you wish to have a look on it. 

Hope you will enjoy this game as much as I do!!! Thanks!!!